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Plan #8220
Purchase date:
23:40 12.08
Daily percent:
End date:
23:40 11.09
Purchase amount:
500,000 Đ
Daily earnings:
20,000 Đ
Total earnings:
800,000 Đ

Make a deposit and start to earn instantly.
All miners will work 30 days, during which you can earn up to 160%.
If you wish, you can re-invest with your earnings.

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ROI 120%

    500 Đ ~ 9,999 Đ

  • 4.00% daily
  • 5% affiliate bonus
  • 1 Free Lucky Spin
  • 30 days life

ROI 125%

    10,000 Đ ~ 24,999 Đ

  • 4.17% daily
  • 6% affiliate bonus
  • 3 Free Lucky Spin
  • 30 days life

ROI 130%

    25,000 Đ ~ 49,999 Đ

  • 4.33% daily
  • 7% affiliate bonus
  • 9 Free Lucky Spin
  • 30 days life

ROI 140%

    50,000 Đ ~ 249,999 Đ

  • 4.67% daily
  • 8% affiliate bonus
  • 21 Free Lucky Spin
  • 30 days life

ROI 150%

    250,000 Đ ~ 499,999 Đ

  • 5.00% daily
  • 9% affiliate bonus
  • 50 Free Lucky Spin
  • 30 days life

ROI 160%

    500,000 Đ ~ 2,000,000 Đ

  • 5.33% daily
  • 10% affiliate bonus
  • 100 Free Lucky Spin
  • 30 days life

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45 098 733 Đ
22:38 12.08 Dodioxs 500 DOGE Deposit
22:32 12.08 HinchLegend 82,797 DOGE Deposit
19:22 12.08 Zero 52,306 DOGE Deposit
19:20 12.08 BtcHippo 19,728 DOGE
18:09 12.08 BtcAni 3,518 DOGE Reinvest
16:10 12.08 Thinsync 62,034 DOGE Deposit
16:10 12.08 CabbyShabby 79,456 DOGE Deposit
15:44 12.08 Adrispo 22,169 DOGE Deposit
15:39 12.08 Girlgroto 4,950 DOGE Reinvest
15:38 12.08 DogeWicked 292,703 DOGE Deposit

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DogeWic... 292,703 DOGE
5.0% Bonus14,635 DOGE
Breetpr... 114,453 DOGE
4.5% Bonus5,150 DOGE
SpillWi... 104,811 DOGE
4.0% Bonus4,192 DOGE
Shiloco... 102,259 DOGE
3.5% Bonus3,579 DOGE
DollTal... 101,071 DOGE
3.0% Bonus3,032 DOGE
HellAlp... 89,976 DOGE
2.5% Bonus2,249 DOGE
Chip 89,433 DOGE
2.0% Bonus1,789 DOGE
Cryptom... 87,957 DOGE
1.5% Bonus1,319 DOGE
Vividfo... 85,012 DOGE
1.0% Bonus850 DOGE
KitSeen 83,088 DOGE
0.5% Bonus415 DOGE

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Invadry... 653,693 DOGE
10% Bonus65,369 DOGE
Shcamor... 509,698 DOGE
9% Bonus45,873 DOGE
DogeWic... 323,349 DOGE
8% Bonus25,868 DOGE
BtcDoum... 234,489 DOGE
7% Bonus16,414 DOGE
ShmoeCh... 151,450 DOGE
6% Bonus9,087 DOGE
Darket 117,737 DOGE
5% Bonus5,887 DOGE
BtcDoug... 115,785 DOGE
4% Bonus4,631 DOGE
Breetpr... 114,453 DOGE
3% Bonus3,434 DOGE
Firehe 113,740 DOGE
2% Bonus2,275 DOGE
AraHarr... 110,128 DOGE
1% Bonus1,101 DOGE


How to work with Doge.guru platform?
Project starting date : 28.06.2020 00:00:00 - We launched 45 days 23 hours 40 minutes 58 seconds ago.

All revenues will be evaluated in the dogecoin mining facility investment and all earnings will be distributed to our customers as a result of physical mining.
This project is designed to make our users earn more dogecoin by the end of 2021.
Our new active platforms, especially BTC, ETH and LTC, will be available in January 2021.

Doge.guru - investment platform, where you can earn absolutely instantly profit with in many ways investment directions: profitable packets, rich bonus options and games.

Rich investment packets You can will increase your packet up to 160% monthly.
Rich affiliate bonus Invite your friends and start to earn. Which you will earn 5% and up to %10.
Tasks earnings - complate your tasks and start to earn much more.
Games - if you trust your luck you will play dice or lucky game with your earnings and have a fun.
Fauset Program - every 30 minutes you will be get free +0.1 dogecoin with our fauset program.

We are working every day 24/7 without holidays.
What should I do to get profit?
There are only 4 steps to start to earn with doge.guru platform:

1) Create a new account (press "Create account" button on website menu), and fill out all necessary inputs with your personal data like Username, Password, E-mail and your Dogecoin wallet. Creating account is absolutely free, we charge no fees at all.

2) Make a deposit with your favorite currency.


You can charge any amount you want from 500 | 0.01 | 0.1 | 0.001 | 10 | 0.02 | 0.01.

3) Wait your miner packet will be available after 8 confirmation and start to earn instantly.

4) Wait your earnings and request withdraw. Also, you can re-invest a new packet with from account balance.
What currencies/payment systems do you accept?
We are working with following cryptocurrencies: Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, DASH and Bitcoin Cash. We are planing to expand this list and add more cryptocurrencies in the nearest future.
Is it secure to invest?
Our programmers monitor website security 24/7. Our site is located on a safety dedicated server with higher level protection from any kinds of DDoS, injections, hacks and other types of attacks. We use additional traffic filters from cloud services. In addition, all data is encrypted by SSL and fully anonymous!

Also, all members personal accounts are provided with 2FA security system.
I cant login my account. What should I do?
Please, check the next steps if you cant login your personal account:

- Check all entered data and language keyboard layout.
- If you still can’t access your account, please, click on "Forgot password?" link and receive a new generated password on your account e-mail (check "SPAM" folder if you don't see our message).
- If you done with all these steps and still cant login, please, contact our support service ([email protected]).
Can I change personal data and wallets information?
Yes, sure! You can change your password and dogecoin wallet information.
Follow "Settings" page on your personal account menu. Enter new data and then save changes. Our 2FA system will send PIN on your e-mail to confirm changes secure.
Can I have several accounts at the same time?
You can have more than one account on the same IP only if:
- Both of these accounts have no referral links between each other

If we detect that you are using several accounts for affiliate fraud, you will be blocked by our automatic system without any refunds. If your account was blocked by mistake, please, write our support to solve this issue.

By creating a new account you automatically agree with this term.
What MIN/MAX deposit and withdraw amount?
Minimal deposit amount:
500 DOGE | 0.001 BTC | 0.01 ETH | 0.1 LTC | 10 XRP 0.02 | 0.01

Minimal reinvest amount:
500 DOGE

Minimal withdraw amount:
New Deposit regulations
If you deposit via cryptocurrency, it will appear in your personal account after our script gets 2-10 blockchain confirmations. It can take from 2 to 20 minutes, depends on blockchain network load. Missing payments are not accepted by the system. Please send your payment in full. The responsibility belongs to the user in this regard.If you do not see any problems in any of these conditions and you don't see your deposit on your miners page please contact our support team ([email protected]doge.guru).

Withdraw regulations
All dogecoin payments doing instantly.
Do you have affiliate system?
Yes, we have! Our basic affiliate system offer is 5% for beginner packet. Don't forget, you can increase your affiliate bonus with a buy a upper packets. You can increase this percentage, with new deposit targets, you will build - more affiliate commission you will get.

0 Đ - 9,999 Đ - 5%
from 10,000 Đ - 6%
from 25,000 Đ - 7%
from 50,000 Đ - 8%
from 250,000 Đ - 9%
from 500,000 Đ - 10%
Can I get affiliate bonus without charging balance?
Yes, you can! You don't have to buy any packet to get affiliate bonuses. It's adding to your account balance automatically!

You have to create account or login before buy request!